Types of Computer Networks: Learn What you Need to Get Connected

There are many different types of computer networks. Most people are only familiar with the most famous of all computer networks, we call it the Internet. Those who visit our blog frequently will also be familiar with the second most popular form of computer network, we call it a VPN.
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best anonymous browser

Choose the Best Anonymous Browser: Stay Safe Online

We have a strong focus on helping people stay anonymous, or at least increasing their online privacy. The primary tool for this will always be a reliable VPN provider. The additional step that you can take is choosing the best anonymous browser.
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congress rolls back fcc regulations online privacy

Congress to Strip FCC Regulations on Online Privacy: Protect your Browsing!

If you haven’t figured this out yet, the orange-tinted Congress of the United States doesn’t have the needs of common citizens in mind. The most obvious of this is their current efforts to strip the FCC regulations for the safeguarding of customer browsing data. They are currently working to strip these regulations out so that corporations can make more money off of selling your data. What do you get in return? Nothing. Not even the option to opt out of this.
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protest tips for smartphone security

Protest Tips: Smartphone and Digital Security

If there’s one thing that the current US administration has done, it’s increase the need for protest tips. People are taking to the streets by the thousands, and by the millions across the country and globe. Protesting in the 21st-century, however, is a bit different thanks to one piece of technology we all have in our pocket: smartphones.
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prevent webcam hacking

How to Prevent WebCam Hacking: Stop the Spying

No one thinks about WebCam hacking… Until they find video of themselves being filmed online. For the most part, this is done in instances of blackmailing. Hackers will target specific people, film them in compromising positions through their own WebCam, and then extort them for money.
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