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Why Did The Russian Government Ban VPNs and Proxies?

Date: August 21, 2018 / Categories: News, / Author: Jeff M

On July of 2017, the Russian Federal Federation Council moved to outlaw the use of Virtual Private Networks, the Tor Network, an anonymous mobile messaging. In addition to these, internet proxy services have also been outlawed as Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill that prevents VPN and proxy services from allowing users the technology […]

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The Real Scoop Why Netflix Blocked VPN Users

Date: May 30, 2018 / Categories: How To's, / Author: jeff

Before the internet became what it is today, people had to watch their favorite TV shows and movies by actually waiting for the shows’ premiere dates and catching them on television or by visiting their nearest movie theaters. For those looking to re-watch their favorite shows, they actually had to physically travel to a Blockbuster […]

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ProtonMail Security on Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird with End-to-End Encryption

Date: January 3, 2018 / Categories: Useful Tools, / Author: Matthew

ProtonMail security has always been exemplary. This is especially true with ProtonMail Bridge, an end-to-end encryption tool. The company has now brought this feature to Apple Mail, Outlook, and Thunderbird. Here’s how it will benefit your email security in general. ProtonMail security with Bridge After you have downloaded and installed the ProtonMail Bridge app, it […]

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The Worst Data Breaches 2017: What a Year to be a Hacker…

Date: December 20, 2017 / Categories: Latest Hacks, News, / Author: Matthew

The worst data breaches 2017 showed how great it is to be a hacker right now. They are making away with billions of dollars. Yes, billions. Ransomware Alone is estimated to have taken over $2 billion, with total projections exceeding $9 billion for next year. Let’s look at the worst data breaches from 2017, and […]

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Facebook Security Issues Your Business Must Deal With

Date: December 13, 2017 / Categories: Latest Hacks, News, / Author: Matthew

There are over 1 billion users on Facebook. The chances are very, very good that your employees are amongst those 1 billion. This puts you, and your IT team, in a dilemma. Do you allow employees to access Facebook during work hours? We know the benefit of using employees as brand advocates, but how can […]

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British MPs are Funnier Than Monty Python if Bad Cybersecurity is a Joke

Date: December 7, 2017 / Categories: News, / Author: Matthew

British MPs have shown that they are so bad at basic cybersecurity (including password security) that it is hilarious. A number of them have been sharing their password and cybersecurity practices on Twitter, and I’m still giggling. Keep reading and have a laugh. British MPs share passwords with everyone This all started last week when Nadine […]

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Android Security Issues: Pattern Locks Not as Secure as Possible

Date: December 6, 2017 / Categories: Latest Hacks, / Author: Matthew

Having proper Android security should always be a goal, as protecting the important information on your phone must be a priority. Research has shown that nearly 40% of Android users have pattern locks on their phone, and further research is shown that they are not as secure as you hoped them to be. Android security issues: […]

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VPN Transparency Report Shows USA has an Online Privacy Problem

Date: November 30, 2017 / Categories: News, / Author: Matthew

A recent transparency report from a VPN has shown just how often the USA wants to invade the privacy of online users. The USA loves to send subpoenas at a rate unparalleled by any other country. Let’s look deeper at this VPN transparency report to see how a truly private VPN can protect your online […]

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Preventing ID Theft: What You Need to Know and Do Now

Date: November 29, 2017 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Matthew

System hacks. Stolen transaction data. Data breaches. Identity theft. If you own a small business, those words are enough to start your heart racing. You wonder how something like this could happen when: You only have a small business that’s not big enough to get noticed online. You’ve done everything you can to protect yourself. […]

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How to Download Torrent and P2P Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Programs

Date: November 22, 2017 / Categories: How To's, Useful Tools, / Author: Matthew

If you want to learn how to download torrent and P2P content (and you want to do it anonymously), there are different ways to do it. The important thing here is that when you download torrent and P2P content, you must hide to avoid the possibility of getting a DMCA notice. You should do this […]

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