most downloaded movies august 26 2016

Most Downloaded Movies August 26 2016

Another fast-moving week in my list of the most downloaded movies for August 26, 2016. 2 movies hung around from last week, an older one from a few weeks showed up, besides that it’s 7 new movies to the list!
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piracy in india

Piracy in India: Blocks on Torrent Sites Escalate

Piracy in India has been unique in the world in that piracy sites have been actively blocked. A new blocking message has been added, and it is causing greater worry amongst those who torrent and p2p, mentioning jail time and large fines as penalties.
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most downloaded movies august 19

Most Downloaded Movies August 19, 2016

Well, that escalated quickly. The most downloaded movies list for August 19, 2016 looks much different than last week. A few movies got a DVD release, and a DVD rip, one movie announcement lead to some nostalgia, and we all love a sausage party…
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identity theft protection

Identity Theft Protection: Online and Offline Tactics

Identity theft is no small thing. The FTC estimates that 11.7 million people suffer from some form of identity theft in the US each year. The FTC did the math, that’s around 5% of the population getting hardcore pwned.

How this can happens varies, but why this happens always has the same reason: At one point you were not careful enough with a key piece of your information. Don’t feel bad, it happens all too often, especially with social media giving everyone a digital platform to share on. Let’s help you out with some identity theft protection tips now.
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most downloaded movies aug 12 2016

Most Downloaded Movies August 12 2016

Hi there, movie fans. Did you feel that great disturbance in the force this week? No, not the release of the Rogue One trailer, but the shutting down of Torrentz! The week of August 12, 2016 was a very different one for movie downloading, but everything kept on chugging along with some interesting flicks making their way to p2p.
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torrentz shut down torrenting site shut down

Bad Month in Torrenting: Torrentz is Gone, ExtraTorrent Deleted from Facebook

Wow, what a month this has been in the world of torrenting. First, KickAss Torrent was shut down by the FBI. That was a huge blow as the site had taken over from The Pirate Bay as the largest torrent hosting site in the world. That wasn’t all that has happened this month, it got worse!
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Internet Security Breach

The Worst Internet Security Breach Incidents of the Past

With the recent LinkedIn hack causing worry all over the world as potentially 117 million accounts being exposed, interest in online security is once again on people’s minds. Why it ever left is an even bigger question, especially after you read through these 10 online security #fails which have been happening since the ‘online’ world started!
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