security breach stolen social security numbers

How do Hackers use Stolen Social Security Numbers: Security Breaches

With all of the major hacks going on lately including the huge one from Equifax, you have to wonder how hackers actually use stolen social security numbers. This information is very valuable to them when they want to drain bank accounts and commit fraud, so much so that they actually buy it. Imagine how happy they were went Equifax gave it to them for free…
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parental control apps

Parental Control Apps and Techniques to Protect your Child Online

Beyond your Etsy shopping, beyond checking sports scores, beyond looking at your email, the Internet is a threatening place. These threatening places may be in places that you do not anticipate. It is also likely in places that your children will not anticipate. This is why parental control apps, and techniques, are important to keep your child safe online.
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best free antivirus for mac

Best Free Antivirus for Mac: Protect your OS X System!

Your Mac is not immortal. It is capable of catching a virus, and you should consider getting the best free antivirus for Mac that is on the market. What have you got to lose when they’re free? Besides your Mac…
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php 7 vulnerabilities

An InfoGraphic on PHP 7 Vulnerabilities: Learn & Protect!

With any new programming language, software, or hardware there are vulnerabilities. No matter how cool something is, how advanced, or how many people have worked on it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people make a living exploiting those very vulnerabilities.
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best free antivirus for pc

Best Free Antivirus for PC: Protect your Laptop and Desktop!

Choosing good antivirus for your PC applications is essential if want your computer to last. The best free antivirus for PC that’s available on the market right now is almost as good as its paid counterpart. When you use one of these in conjunction with a reliable VPN provider, you will have nearly complete online security and privacy.
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secure email encrypted email

Have Secure Email Using Encrypted Email Accounts: Hide your Personal Communications

Do you remember sending mail through the Postal Service? You were reasonably certain that no one working there was going to open it and read it. Email is nothing like this. Not only are services like Gmail (and Google as a whole) reading your emails for advertising, the servers they store email on can be hacked. If you want to have secure email you are going to have to learn how to use encrypted email accounts.
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digital college security

Digital College Security Tactics for a Safe Online Life

Having a lock, and a sock, on your door is one type of college security. Hopefully, your dorm takes care of the lock for you. The type of college security that you need to look at on your own is digital college security. Your parents are no longer around to help me with this, it’s up to you. Keep reading and I will make sure that you have a secure digital experience at college.
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anonymous web proxy services

The 5 Best Anonymous Web Proxy Services You Can Use

Finding the best anonymous proxy service can help you gain a small amount of additional online privacy. It can also help you unlock geo-blocked content. While they are not as effective as VPNs are with either task, they are better than nothing.
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porn trackers isp

Porn Trackers: Your ISP Knows What Porn you Watch… You Cool with That?

Seriously, are you okay with the fact that your ISP basically knows every single thing you do online? This includes the porn that you watch. Are you still okay with that? If you are then you are either very open, or very closed and perhaps do not watch any porn at all. If it’s the latter, I feel bad for you…
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how to open blocked sites

How to Open Blocked Sites at School, Work, or Nationally

If you want to learn how to open blocked websites wherever you are, you have to realize that there are two basic ways. The first way will work 99% of the time. The second ‘way’ encompasses a variety of tactics that are very hit or miss. Let’s look at how to open blocked websites right now.
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