watch champions league soccer online for free

Watch Champions League Soccer Online for Free, or Paid

The 2017/2018 Champions League football tournament is already underway. Football, and soccer, fans the world over are highly anticipating many exciting matches this year. No matter where you are in the world, there is a way for you to watch Champions League soccer online for free. These are the Champioooooons, the Champioooonnnssss.
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browser security firefox chrome

Browser Security Issues with Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers

Firefox and Google Chrome are two of the most popular browsers around. Despite how popular they are, there are still browser security issues with these two browsers. They have a problem with leaking your IP address, even when you are using a VPN.
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How to Send Encrypted Messages with Easy to Use Tools

Learning how to send encrypted messages is the new frontier in privacy. In the old days, the government used to have to have a wiretap warrant to take private information from you. Now it seems that they, and any company that feels like it, could steal information from your private conversations. Using encrypted messages can change that.
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government surveillance

Hide from Government Surveillance: Private Communication is at Risk

I’m not a terrorist, you’re not a terrorist, but you are a human being deserving of privacy. Unfortunately, government surveillance the world over is increasing at a frightening pace. It is now coming down to us on an individual basis to resist this intrusion into our private lives.
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small business security

Small Business Security: Simple Tools to Secure your Business Online

Small business security is becoming something that companies must think of earlier and earlier in their development. You can no longer wait until later on when you can hire a full IT team, you need to start using the proper tools right from the beginning. Most of these tools are easy-to-use, and will help prevent the vast majority of hacking attempts against your company.
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Online Privacy for Journalists, Writers, and Bloggers in Today’s World

Journalists and citizen bloggers have much to worry about in terms of online privacy in today’s world. I’m not only talking about the scary aspect of the FBI, GCHQ, and NSA tracking everything we do. I’m not even talking exclusively about Google tracking everything you do. There is all of that, plus the threat of hackers and other competitors who want to track you, find dirt on you, and use it against you.
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watch nba games online for free

Watch NBA Games Online for Free, and Unlock Geo-Restricted content!

After one of the craziest offseasons in NBA history, the 2017 – 2018 NBA season promises to be one of the most memorable of all time. If you live outside of the USA, or are a cord-cutter with no cable package, you are going to want to watch NBA games online.
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Best Free Antivirus for Android

Best Free Antivirus for Android: Protect your Smartphone & Tablet!

It is no secret that your Android smartphone is not so smart when it comes to antivirus needs. While paid options are your better bet, the best free antivirus for Android will still protect you. An effective one, such as one of the five I list below, along with a reliable VPN, will protect almost all of your antivirus and online security needs.
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security breach stolen social security numbers

How do Hackers use Stolen Social Security Numbers: Security Breaches

With all of the major hacks going on lately including the huge one from Equifax, you have to wonder how hackers actually use stolen social security numbers. This information is very valuable to them when they want to drain bank accounts and commit fraud, so much so that they actually buy it. Imagine how happy they were went Equifax gave it to them for free…
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parental control apps

Parental Control Apps and Techniques to Protect your Child Online

Beyond your Etsy shopping, beyond checking sports scores, beyond looking at your email, the Internet is a threatening place. These threatening places may be in places that you do not anticipate. It is also likely in places that your children will not anticipate. This is why parental control apps, and techniques, are important to keep your child safe online.
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