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The Best VPN Porn Choices: Get Some REAL Privacy!

Date: March 23, 2019 / Categories: How To's, Useful Tools, / Author: Matthew

Alright, it’s time to be real here. If our site analytics tell us anything, it’s that it’s Friday or Saturday night and you’re looking for some VPN choices. Seriously, every single week, like clockwork, our analytics and page views skyrocket. What are you looking for? Cooking recipes? Weekend events in your city? I’m going to […]

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Should You Buy A Lifetime VPN Subscription?

Date: March 22, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Chris

Subscribing to a lifetime deal for a VPN is a pretty major step. Sure, it feels like there’s one less thing to worry about in life, but it’s not that simple. On paper, lifetime deals seem tempting; in reality, there are a lot of hidden drawbacks. The logic is simple—if it seems too good to […]

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Is Google Incognito Really Private? Find Out How Protected You Are

Date: March 20, 2019 / Categories: How To's, Useful Tools, VPN FAQs, / Author: Chris

Many people have the impression that Google Chrome’s Incognito mode grants the privacy they need to browse the Internet safely. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. In this post, I’ll tackle what Incognito can and can’t do when it comes to protecting your privacy online. What is Google Incognito mode? Incognito is the name […]

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How Do I Test My VPN? Find Out Now!

Date: March 18, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Chris

VPNs provide anonymity, privacy, security, data protection, and access to restricted websites. This is why the number of users who are using a VPN is only expected to grow. It’s no surprise that so many users are relying on VPNs already, including you! As it is the case with any software, some glitches and bugs […]

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How to Delete Twitter & Get More Online Privacy

Date: March 15, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Chris

In a drive to be more profitable, Twitter had to make ads more targeted to each user. Facebook, Google, and other websites have been doing this for years, so Twitter joining the trend is not surprising. Nevertheless, it’s disturbing to know how much of our personal data is out there. For companies to make targeted […]

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ExpressVPN Provides Update on New VPN Protocol WireGuard

Date: March 14, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Chris

There’s a new VPN protocol called WireGuard. It is free and open-source. With interesting features, WireGuard is believed to have the potential to bring significant changes to the VPN field. Nowadays, WireGuard’s development is now led by Edge Security LLC. WireGuard’s advantages Compared to other VPN protocols (like OpenVPN and IPSec), WireGuard is easy to […]

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Is Putlockers Safe to Use to Stream Movies and TV?

Date: March 11, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Chris

Launched in 2011 in the UK, Putlocker has steadily grown to become one of the “go-to” sources for online entertainment. On the site itself, you’ll see a bunch of movies and TV shows to watch; just click your movie choice, and the Putlocker’s native player will open it. Despite its popularity, Putlocker already faced legal […]

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TCP vs UDP: Which VPN Protocol Is More Secure to Use?

Date: March 8, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Chris

If you’re using a VPN service, you might have come across terms like TCP and UDP. These are acronyms for network protocols that a device uses to send packets (or bits of data). OpenVPN is deemed the most secure VPN protocol, and it can work with either TCP or UDP. In this article, we will […]

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How To Use Tor Properly: Explained As Simply As Possible

Date: March 6, 2019 / Categories: How To's, Useful Tools, / Author: Chris

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, Tor can simply be explained as software which allows users to browse the web anonymously. The term Tor is actually an acronym for The Onion Router because it uses a technique called onion routing. Tor is mainly used to conceal and protect information about user activity. While […]

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How to Install Netflix on Kodi

Date: March 4, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Chris

Kodi is a free media player. Although a popular one, it remains a media player only and an open-source software at that. It runs on almost all types of systems, but it relies on add-ons to stream videos from several media sources on the Internet, including Netflix. That’s right. You can watch your favorite Netflix […]

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