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Why You Need a Popcorn Time VPN to Stay Safe Now

Date: January 21, 2019 / Categories: How To's, Useful Tools, / Author: Chris

Popcorn Time is a free software which has become a favorite alternative to subscription-based streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. It gained popularity mostly due to the word “free,” and also because it’s easy to use. Its thumbnail-type presentation of movies and shows looks a lot like Netflix, and you can search titles based on […]

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Tips On How To Find The Right VPN

Date: January 18, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Arrianne R

Whether you are on a computer or mobile device, you should use a VPN or virtual private network if you are connecting to the internet. It may sound unnecessary, but if you care about your online privacy, having a VPN is a must. Whenever you connect to the internet, internet servers can intercept any information […]

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How to Delete Facebook, and Regain Online Privacy (And Sanity)

Date: January 14, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Matthew

Facebook has become a ubiquitous part of many people’s online lives. They use it not just to connect with family and friends, but also to do business. You might have come to the point when you have had enough of the social media site and it’s time to disconnect. You also may be concerned about […]

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Mozilla Will Start Selling VPN on Firefox

Date: January 10, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Jeff M

Mozilla Is Selling a VPN, Really? Mozilla, one of the search engine giants, has announced that it will partner with one of the famous VPN service providers in the market today, ProtonVPN. With this, Mozilla is going to launch an experiment on selected Mozilla users where it will introduce ProtonVPN to protect their users’ online […]

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Popular VPNs Are Leaking IP Addresses of Users

Date: December 19, 2018 / Categories: News, / Author: Arrianne R

The Internet is a public space. Everyone is sharing, consuming, and exchanging information. Everything becomes public whenever you are using the internet. Your data and online activities are public and have the tendency to be monitored or intercepted by other people or organization. That is why the demand for online security is high. One of […]

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Strong Malicious Malware Hits Cisco VPNs

Date: December 13, 2018 / Categories: News, / Author: Elizabeth Kelly

People might think that once they used a famous or trusted brand, they are using quality. Besides, products from these big companies or tech giants are not cheap. They are expensive because they offer quality and high security. However, even these tech giants experience vulnerabilities and lapses in their products and bugs in systems. Just […]

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The Best VPNs Of 2018

Date: December 11, 2018 / Categories: VPN FAQs, / Author: Arrianne R

So, Who Are The Best VPNs of 2018? Due to the issue of online privacy, VPNs or Virtual Private Networks continue to gain popularity. In fact, there are hundreds of them in the market. However, not all of them gives you the online security and protection that you highly needed. Some of them log your […]

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VPNs Infected with WebRTC Bug Leaking Users’ IP Addresses

Date: December 10, 2018 / Categories: Latest Hacks, / Author: Barbara Davis

Some VPNs or virtual private network service providers have a strict “no log” policy. This means they are not keeping logs of your online activities, sessions, timestamps, and IP addresses, to name a few. However, some VPN service providers were reported to have leaked some of its users’ important information which includes their IP address […]

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Effective Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy

Date: December 3, 2018 / Categories: Online Security Expert Interviews, / Author: Jeff M

Online privacy is a very critical topic that we should always take into consideration. With new tech products coming out every year – from connected apps, home assistant devices (which are slowly gaining popularity) and web services, among others, it is important to understand the problems surfacing about online privacy as well as solutions on […]

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How To Access Netflix US Library After VPN Ban

Date: November 27, 2018 / Categories: Latest Hacks, / Author: Jeff M

In January of 2016, Netflix shocked its foreign users by announcing that they would start blocking members who use VPNs to watch TV shows and Movies that are banned to stream outside the U.S. this caused major controversy as their foreign subscribers certainly did not appreciate this announcement and have since signed substantially more than […]

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