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Stream-ripping Sites Blocked By Court Demands in Australia

Date: May 17, 2019 / Categories: How To's, News, / Author: Chris

Certain stream-ripping sites have been effectively blocked by strict court orders from the Federal Court in Australia. Local Australian ISPs—Telstra, Foxtel, Optus, TPG, Vodafone, and their subsidiaries—were forced to implement these orders after the Australian Performing Right Association successfully obtained the court orders. These stream-ripping sites allow downloading of audio and video content from websites […]

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Google Decided to Remove 832 Pirate Sites From Australian Index

Date: May 14, 2019 / Categories: News, Useful Tools, / Author: Chris

We’ve got some bad news for pirate sites. Google has agreed to remove 832 pirate sites from its search results after reaching a voluntary agreement with content owners and ISPs in Australia. People residing in Australia will now have a hard time finding pirate sites hosting copyrighted material. This unprecedented step of de-indexing ISP-blocked websites […]

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Despite Fix, Popular VPNs Still Contain Bugs: Discover Which Do!

Date: May 13, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Arrianne R

When you connect to the Internet, there is a potential risk that someone might be snooping on your activities, or an attacker is phishing for your important information. Believe it or not. It happens. That is why people who value their online privacy very much use security tools and software. There are free security tools […]

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Man Sentenced to Lengthy Jail Time for Selling VPNs

Date: May 10, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Arrianne R

The Internet is a free space that can help people connect all over the world. Unfortunately, this also means that those with bad intentions can steal someone’s personal/financial information, monitor their activity, inject pay per click ads in their browsers, or even install malicious software on their computer so they can get a screenshot of […]

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Most Free VPN Apps in Google Play & Apple Stores Are Chinese Owned

Date: May 6, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Matthew

The issue of online privacy is getting bigger and bigger. That is why there is a great demand when it comes to VPNs. With this demand, there are a lot of VPN providers that have recently started in the market today. With this demand, as always, hackers and bad actors are making apps to capitalize […]

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Find a Free VPN for Tor, and Find Out if it’s Smart to Use

Date: May 3, 2019 / Categories: How To's, Useful Tools, / Author: Chris

Tor is one of the most popular tools for anonymous online browsing. While it is a great tool on its own, you can boost the privacy and protection it provides by using it with a virtual private network (VPN). Let’s see whether a free VPN for Tor would be suitable and find out how to […]

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Beware S5Mark Is a Malicious Software Disguising as a VPN

Date: May 1, 2019 / Categories: News, Useful Tools, VPN FAQs, / Author: Arrianne R

No one would want to be monitored or get their personal information hacked. Online privacy is a major concern for everyone. However, once you use the Internet, your online privacy is already at risk.  You can protect your online privacy by using trusted software or apps. An app that is gaining popularity when it comes […]

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VPN Users Hurting The Pirate Sites Industry

Date: April 29, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Matthew

It isn’t much of a secret that in recent years copyright holders have been lashing their anger out on pirate sites. Still, not much has been accomplished to prevent pirate sites from functioning on the web, with mirror and clone sites appearing every time a pirate site gets shut down. With many countries prohibiting access […]

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Popular Streaming App Mobdro Accused of Exposing Customers to Harm

Date: April 26, 2019 / Categories: News, / Author: Chris

It is mentioned on countless occasions that installing apps that appear dubious can cause result in a breach of your confidential information. Without thinking twice, users still download apps that trick them into sharing their personal information. The thing is you should be worried about downloading unfamiliar and unpopular apps. You should approach with caution […]

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Do I Need a VPN At Home? For Work? On Public Wi-Fi?

Date: April 22, 2019 / Categories: How To's, / Author: Matthew

We’re all aware of the threats that public Wi-Fi can pose in terms of cyber hacking. VPNs are well-known for their ability to prevent prying eyes from accessing your personal data when you’re accessing a public connection, but what about when you’re at home or at work? Should you still use a VPN? This article […]

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